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Sanodye® Magenta LF

Sanodye® Magenta LF

Aluminum Dye

Sanodye® Magenta LF produces an eye-catching and long-lasting bluish red shade with good light fastness properties. The single dye formulation has a heavy-metal free dye structure with an outstanding dye bath stability. It is designed for interior applications. 


  • Eye-catching bluish-red dye
  • Excellent light fastness
  • Heavy-metal free dye structure
  • Suitable for indoor applications
Delivery Form                   Powder
Solubility in
water (20°C/69°F)           85 [g/l]
Recommended dye
bath pH                               5-6
Recommended dye
bath buffer                          Sodium Acetate
Light fastness                     9
Single dye                           ✓
Dye blend                            –
  • Heavy metal free applications
  • Indoor

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