Floor Coatings

Solutions for virtually every type of floor coatings system. Heubach adds color to the most demanding applications such as thick film polymers, epoxies, and UV-curable systems

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Polymer floor coatings

In most cases the desired color shades can only be obtained by blending color pigments with significant differences regarding surface characteristics and specific weights. As a consequence they tend to separate during the film forming process. This well-known phenomenon is either called floating (horizontal separation) or flooding (vertical separation). The first causes undesirable surface texturing (Bénard cells) whereas the latter alters the color shade as a result of pigments being distributed unevenly in the direction perpendicular to the pigment surface (rub-out test). These effects are especially observed in thick-film formulations.

HEUCOSIN™ Special pigment preparations is our principal product line developed to meet the specific requirements of thick-film systems especially for polymer floor coatings.

Multi-pigment preparations

The HEUCOSIN™ Special products are ready-to-use pigment preparations which have been pre-dispersed and adjusted to the most commonly used RAL shades. All grades exhibit universal processing characteristics and can easily be dispersed in solvent-free EP, PU, PMMA systems and waterborne EP formulations.

Unique finish technology

The very specific properties of HEUCOSIN™ Special preparations result from a unique finish technology. A combined co-finishing process including the mix mulling technology allows for intensive mixing and grinding.

The resulting physical interlocking of the pigment surfaces minimizes the separation of the predispersed pigments and the floating and flooding phenomenon later during the film formation. In comparison to straight pigment blends the HEUCOSIN™ Special preparations also exhibit outstanding batch-to-batch consistency which enables the user to create colors which are perfectly uniform. This can even be achieved with simple stirring equipment often found on construction sites. It is worthwile to mention that this ease of processing is based on the physical modification of the pigment surfaces. Consequently, there is no negative influence on general film properties which is frequently observed when using ionic dipersing additives.

Excellent fastness properties

HEUCOSIN™ Special pigment preparations are designed for exterior use and therefore exhibit very good light and weather fastness as well as excellent resistance to solvents, acids and alkalines.


Formulation costs with HEUCOSIN™ Special are lower when compared to the total costs of handling and testing of several monopigments or monopigmented pastes on a commercial scale.


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