Heubach partners with Evonik to pioneer eco-friendly ink solutions in China

Shanghai – Heubach Group and Evonik Coating Additives have announced the establishment of a joint technical platform dedicated to the advancement of the printing industry. This technology collaboration aims to combine the technical expertise of both companies to explore and develop solutions for environmentally friendly printing inks including inkjet printing solutions.

The joint labs are located at both Heubach’s and Evonik’s facilities in China. Heubach will contribute with its vast experience in pigment and colorant technologies, offering a comprehensive portfolio of ink pigment solutions designed for optimal performance in a variety of ink applications. In parallel, Evonik will bring its extensive expertise in additive technologies tailored to enhance the properties of inks for traditional printing and digital inkjet printing.

“Heubach has always been at the forefront of pigment innovation, and this partnership with Evonik enables us to push the boundaries even further,” Gary Gu, SVP Sales of AMEA & GM of Greater China commented on this collaboration, “Together, we are setting a new standard for performance and sustainability in the printing and digital printing market.”

“We are excited to join forces with Heubach for printing ink technologies,” said Courtney Thurau, Head of Printing Ink Market Segment, Evonik Coating Additives. “This partnership underscores our commitment to sustainability and our focus on collaborative innovation. By pooling together our resources and expertise, we will accelerate the development of advanced, environmentally friendly ink systems that meet the evolving needs of the printing industry.”

The development of environmentally friendly ink solutions has been making significant progress driven by growing environmental awareness and stringent regulations on volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and other hazardous substances. The collaboration between Heubach and Evonik is a response to the increasing demand for sustainable printing products. The joint technology platform will not only focus on the technical development of new products but also provide comprehensive support to customers.

Photo: Hugo Wu, Head of Commercial for Greater China Heubach Group, Jacky Yang, Business Director Head of Greater China Region, Evonik. Copyright: Heubach Group