Flexonyl White RS 32

Pigment White 6

Flexonyl White RS 32 is a pigment preparation of approx. 65% pigment and is based on nonionic dispersing and wetting agents and is glycol-free. The Colour Index of the basic pigment is Pigment White 6. Suitable for nearly all aqueous systems where high opacity is required.

Flexonyl White RS 32

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  • Excellent opacity
  • Easily pumpable dispersion
  • Finely dispersed
  • Glycol-free

Technical data

Product Data

Physical Data

Density [g/cm³] 2
Specific surface [m³/g]
Oil absorption number [ml/100g]
Avg. size of primary particles [nm]
Heat stability [°C]
Viscosity [Pa*s] <2.0

Fastness Data

in full shade emulsion paint in white emulsion paint
Light fastness 8 8
Alkali 5
Acid 5