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Hostatint Green A-GBX 100-ST

Hostatint Green A-GBX 100-ST

Pigment Green 7

Hostatint A 100 is a range of solvent-based pigment preparations having a flash point higher than 100 °C and containing an aldehyde resin. These pigment preparations are used for the coloration of many kinds of solvent-based paint systems.
Hostatint Green A-GBX 100-ST is a highly transparent, bluish Green.


  • super-transparent colorant
  • high pigment concentration
  • very low viscosity
  • safe to use: not flammable
  • excellent compatibility with major paint systems

Product Data

Pigment concentration [%] 12
Resin content [%] ca. 18
Viscosity [mPa*s] ca. 500
Density [g/cm3] ca. 1.17
Recommended addition levels [%] 0.01 – 15.0(*)

(*) Relative to total weight of the base paint

Distinguishing Features

Hostatint Green A-GBX 100-ST is more transparent and intense than Hostatint Green A-GNX 130. While the latter is the preferred choice for industrial green shades, such as RAL, Hostatint Green A-GBX 100-ST is preferred for transparent Green shades (e. g. on wood or on transparent substrates) or in combination with aluminum or mica pigments for metallic or mineral effect shades.

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