Sanodal® Deep Black HBL Liq.

Aluminum dye

Sanodal® Deep Black HBL Liq. is a convenient to use product that provides a fast striking neutral shade of black. This dye is suitable for the dyeing of coatings thinner than the norm, therefore its use can significantly improve the efficiency and reduce the cost of black anodizing aluminum.

Sanodal® Deep Black HBL Liq.

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  • Excellent light- and weather fastness properties
  • Suitable for outdoor and indoor applications
  • Overdyeing by ansubsequent electrolytic dyeing process possible
  • Designed for many architectural needs

Technical data

Product Data

Delivery Form Liquid
Solubility in water (20°C/69°F) miscible
Recommended dye bath pH  5-6
Recommended dye bath buffer  Sodium Acetate
Light fastness

>8 (12µm)

>10 (25µm)

Single dye
Dye blend


  • Outdoor
  • Indoor