Graphtol Black CLN


Graphtol Black CLN is a pigment based black colorant not absorbing in the NIR light spectra. It exhibits excellent fastness properties and its suitability for various polymers, especially HDPE and PP. It has proven suitability for plastic sorting during the recycling process.

Graphtol Black CLN

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  • NIR transparent
  • Black for recycling

Technical data

Product Data

Physical and Chemical Properties

Density [g/cm³] 1.87
Bulk volume [l/kg] 3.3 – 6.7
Average particle size [nm]
Alkali resistance 5
Acid resistance 5
Specific surface [m2/g]


Fastness Properties 

Pigment loading [%] 0.3 0.3 0.3
Hue angle [°] 293.6 15.1 144.9
L*-value 27.4 27.3 30.6
Light fastness  (Full shade) 8 8 8
Heat resistance  SD 1/3 (Reduction) [°C] 300 300 300



Suitable Limited suitability Not suitable
 PVC/Rubber  PA
 PUR  PET Fiber
 PP Fiber  PA Fiber


NIR Reflection Curve