Hostaperm Violet P-RL

Pigment Violet 23

Hostaperm Violet P-RL is a blue shade dioxazine pigment. It is a special pigment belonging to the P-grade range, being especially recommended for solvent based packaging printing inks. Due to the extremely low specific conductivity (< 0,2 mS/cm) it shows good water resistance when printing on plastic films. It exhibits high color strength, high gloss, high transparency and flocculation stability with very good rheological and excellent fastness properties.

Hostaperm Violet P-RL

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  • Extremely low specific conductivity
  • High color strength, high gloss, high transparency and flocculation stability
  • Very good rheological and excellent fastness properties

Technical data

Product Data

Physical Data

Density [g/cm3] 1.50
Specific surface [m2/g] 72
Average particle size [nm] 50
Fineness of grind [µm]
Viscosity [Pa.s]
Oil absorption [ml/100g] 63

Fastness properties

Staining of the test medium by:
Test medium  Powder pigment Print / draw-down Change of the print
Solvent mixture 5
Ethanol 5
Ethyl acetate 4-5
MEK 4-5
Toluene 4-5
White spirit 5
Paraffine 5 5
Butter 5
Soap 5 5
Alkali 5 5
Acid 5 5
Heat stability 10 min.  200°C
30 min.  200°C
Light fastness 5.0 % 6-7
Light fastness 10.0% 6-7
Silver laquer
Sterilization Water phase Steam phase



Recommended for

Paste inks

Metal deco
UV curing (Offset)

Liquid inks

NC alcohol
NC acetate
Polyvinyl butyral
Pub gravure, Toluene
Decorative laminates
UV curring (Flexo)

■ highly recommended
● recommended
○ limited suitability
–  not tested