Savinyl Yellow RLSN

Solvent Yellow 83

Savinyl Yellow RLSN is a solvent soluble metal complex dye. It shows excellent solubilities in polar organic solvents like alcohols, ketones, and glycol ethers, as well as good overall fastness properties. Savinyl Powder Dyes are suitable for coloration of paints based on polar solvents, writing inks, wood stains, leather finish, flexographic and gravure inks.

Savinyl Yellow RLSN

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  • Excellent solubility in solvent
  • Good overall fastness properties

Technical data

Product Data

Application Profile

Stationery Writing Inks
School and Hobby Requisits
Artist’s Colors
Wood Wood Stains
Wood Protection
Leather Shoe Care Products
Leather Finish
Textile Printing
Agro Seed Treatment
Miscellaneous Latex

■ highly recommended
● recommended
○ limited suitability
–  not recommended

Physical Data

Density [g/cm3] 1.40
Bulk Density approx. [kg/m3]
pH Value (1)
Surface Tension approx. (1) [mN/m]
Conductivity, typical value (1) [mS/cm]
Contents Dye Content approx. [%]
Chloride approx. [%]
Sulfate approx. [%]
Calcium approx. [%]
Iron approx. [%]

Fastness Data

Light Fastness 7-8
Alkali Fastness 4
Acid Fastness 4-5
Melting Point [°C]
Sublimation Fastness