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Complex organic and inorganic pigments from Heubach are designed to satisfy the highest demands for heat stability and chemical inertness as well as weather- and light fastness, while taking account of the ecological aspects of the end product

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At Heubach, we’re continuously optimizing our paints-and-coatings portfolio. That’s why we deliver color solutions which meet your color requirements as well as the demanding performance and durability of automotive paints.

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Pigment grades for automotive coatings

The challenge when combining pigments for the automotive industry is to balance the specifications of bright, chromatic color shades and sufficient opacity of the coating. Our products comprise pigments with excellent weathering fastness, high transparency and chromaticity, and good dispersibility.

Not only for Automotive OEM (original equipment manufacturing) but also for aircraft, railroad and trucks, the ideal combination of binders and pigments is clearly essential. Heubach cares about the performance of the final application as much as we do about the color, and we serve these markets with tailored solutions.

Our high-performance pigments fulfill the quality requirements and supply consistency for Automotive refinishing applications. This makes it easy for our customers to match an OEM shade for a repair job, which is virtually invisible.


Anticorrosives from the experts

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High-performance organic pigments for fascinating colors EU

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High-performance organic pigments for fascinating colors US

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High-performance zinc-free anticorrosives

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Heucoflash - Innovative Flash Rust Inhibitors

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Inorganic color solutions for the most demanding applications

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Tico - High-performance lead-free alternative

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