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Corrosion Protection

Don’t give rust a chance: As the industry leader, Heubach offers a wide range of universal anticorrosive pigments – sustainable and environmentally-friendly solutions to significantly extend the life of steel and reduce costs over the long term

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Pigments that cut the cost of corrosion

Worldwide, corrosion destroys a ton of steel every second. Replacement costs in Germany alone exceed 20 billion euros per annum. Backed by global R&D capabilities and a proven track record in innovative anti-corrosive pigments, Heubach is dedicated to extending the working life of steel.

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Alternatives to chrome-based anticorrosives

Heubach pioneered alternatives to carcinogenic chrome-based anticorrosives. Its orthophosphate, polyphosphate, organic inhibitor, wide-spectrum anticorrosive and zinc-free anticorrosive products such as calcium modified silica anticorrosive now set the standard in pigments for safe modern protective coatings.

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The right corrosion inhibitor for you

Identifying the right anti-corrosive pigment for your paint or coating application can prove a complicated undertaking. Supported by extensive laboratory facilities, Heubach’s technical specialists are always on hand to assist you in identifying the right solution, no matter how challenging your task.

A unique zinc-free anticorrosive with universal applicability


In addition to economic considerations, ecological and regulatory factors play an increasingly decisive role today in the formulation of innovative coating systems. Due to this development, the call for zinc-free anti-corrosive has steadily increased in recent years. The technology is not new and numerous zinc-free pigments based on alternative substances have been available on the market for a long time. But the real challenge is that it is only possible in rare cases to combine universal application with very good corrosion protection. Even though the periodic table offers several alternatives to zinc that do not contain heavy metals, only a few metals qualify as suitable replacements. When making a selection, the emphasis is therefore on possible positive interactions between calcium and magnesium phosphate compounds. Thus, a new zinc-free pigment requires:

  • Highly effective anodic corrosion protection in solvent and water-based systems
  • Stability and universal application
  • Very good dispersion properties
  • Cost efficiency


To meet the mentioned requirements, Heubach developed an R&D-program in which various testing procedures demonstrated excellent performance properties when utilizing the synergistic effects proven by using calcium magnesium orthophosphate (CMP) when compared with straight magnesium phosphate. Even the protective effect of the reference sample which contained zinc was outperformed by using the CMP. A significant improvement in adhesion and rust creepage at the cross-section could also be achieved in this system by using CMP. The results clearly show that the identification and use of synergetic interactions is of benefit when developing novel, highly effective anticorrosive pigments like HEUCOPHOS® CMP. Heubach has had decades of experience in the development and production of anticorrosive products. We offer a full range of zinc containing as well as zinc-free products for coatings.


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