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Whether it’s trim, fenders, spoilers, mirrors, or grilles – the right choice of colorant is crucial

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Colorants for interior automotive applications

Colors bring life into a car, whether it’s on the seats, dashboard, steering wheel or carpet. And it has to be done using sustainable materials: today’s car must be environmentally friendly as well as meeting multiple safety regulations. At Heubach, we scrutinize our products rigorously, so they’ll meet your expectations, whatever the application. Migration behavior, rub fastness, light fastness and other performance requirements are all tested under severe conditions so you can be assured of their appearance, durability, and sustainability. As automotive interiors get more complex in design, choose colorant solutions that are safe, easy to use, and come in a wide range of brilliant colors.

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Colorants for exterior automotive applications

Exterior appearance represents the customer’s first contact with a vehicle and will influence their subsequent purchasing behavior. Without a positive initial impression, secondary features may be overlooked. Heubach colorants create a wide range of vibrant, attractive colors for high-value, plastic automotive applications. We can tailor-make solutions for optimized efficiency and surface aesthetics, using easy-dispersing organic pigments that are non-dusting and free flowing as well as delivering very high color strength, heat stability, and light and weatherability, both for day-to-day performance and in the long term.

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Colorants for e-vehicles

Electric vehicles are on the rise, and are expected to continue to enjoy dynamic global development over the next decades. As battery prices decline, electric cars should become more affordable in terms of purchase price and long-term ownership costs. The most important colorant for electric cars currently is orange, serving as a warning color for the high-voltage areas in the car. To color the plastics in these areas, specific engineering polymer colorants are required, displaying excellent dispersibility, light- and weather-fastness properties, heat resistance, and compatibility with a broad range of plastics.


Inorganic color solutions for the most demanding applications

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High-performance organic pigments for fascinating colors EU

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High-performance organic pigments for fascinating colors US

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