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Complex inorganic pigments from Heubach are designed to satisfy the highest demands for heat stability and chemical inertness as well as weather- and light fastness, while taking account of the ecological aspects of the end product

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As the quality and performance of industrial products continue to improve, so do the demands on their appearance and durability. Therefore, there is a steadily increasing requirement for more durable pigments to color products such as paints, plastics, building materials and ceramics. As a consequence, the complex inorganic color pigments are of increasing importance to formulators.

They need to satisfy the highest demands for heat stability and chemical inertness as well as weather- and light fastness, while taking account of the ecological aspects of the end product. To date, complex inorganic color pigments are the most stable class of pigments developed by the color industry.

HEUCODUR® pigments belong to this class. Their unique fastness properties are directly related to high-temperature processing (above 800 ˚C /1500 ˚F), which yields homogeneous crystalline complex inorganic color pigment compounds. This high-temperatureprocess demands a very precise control over the chemical and technical parameters, which has been made possible by the most up to date state of the art facilities for the production of HEUCODUR® pigments. The result is a very accurate control over particle morphology and particle size distribution, thereby explaining the improved high color strength and hiding power of HEUCODUR® as well as the enhanced dispersibility obtainable with these pigments in various formulated systems.

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HEUCODUR® Nickel Rutile Pigments

The structure of rutile yellow is based on the rutile crystal modification of titanium dioxide. These types of pigments offer outstanding hiding power, light fastness and resistance to temperature, chemicals (including acid and alkali) and weathering.

Detailed know-how and process control of each of the manufacturing steps is needed to achieve optimised pigment performance. For rutile yellows, different colors can be obtained by variation of the composition and calcination temperature/profile. A higher calcination temperature results in darker grades with higher chroma.

In combination with organic pigments HEUCODUR® Yellow can enhance color saturation and light fastness in coatings as well as in plastic applications

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HEUCODUR® Chrome Rutile Pigments

Chrome rutiles are available in a large variety of color shades and can be custom formulated to meet specific applications and requirements. Excellent dispersibility and less shear sensitive colors are offered with the HEUCODUR® chromium and nickel rutile line.

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HEUCODUR® (Inverse) Spinel Pigments

Cobalt blue pigments are generated in the typical spinel crystal modification. The color shades range from a red shade blue to a green shade blue by increasing the trivalent chromium content in the crystal structure.

The hiding power increases correspondingly with increased chromium content as seen in HEUCODUR® Blue 5-100. HEUCODUR® Blue 550 is a high strength P.Bl. 28 with a strong red shade hue.

Cobalt titanium green pigments have a structure typical of an inverse spinel. Cobalt blue and green pigments prevent warpage in polyolefins.

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Iron chromite brown pigments are the ideal pigment choice for e.g. coloring PVC applications without affecting the stability of the PVC.


HEUCODUR® Black 953-1, HEUCODUR® Black 9-100 and HEUCODUR® Black 955 are black spinel pigments based on copper and cobalt, respectively.

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VANADUR® (Encapsulated) Bismuth Vanadate Pigments

VANADUR® 1010 and VANADUR® 2108 are green shade bismuth vanadate pigments with outstanding application properties like improved opacity, high gloss, excellent weather and light fastness and good tinting strength. They are quite easily dispersible and can be used in solvent based as well as in waterborne systems including aqueous dispersions.

VANADUR® 2108 is based on a zinc-free technology and features an extraordinary high tinting strength. VANADUR® PLUS 9010 is a Silica encapsulated green shade bismuth vanadate pigment. For some applications stability properties of standard bismuth vanadate regarding heat, SO2 or alkali resistance are not sufficient. Especially plastic applications require a stable color shade even at very high temperatures.

To fulfill these requirements Heubach developed this highly stabilized bismuth vanadate pigment. Due to the encapsulation, this pigment shows improved application properties like extreme heat resistance and improved acid, alkali and SO2 resistance, Light- and UV resistance.


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