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Where high demands are made on the appearance and durability of construction materials, the right kind of pigments are required. Heubach offers coloring solutions that do exactly what they say they do and last a lifetime.

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For customers in the building and construction industries, our comprehensive range of organic & inorganic pigments, together with our pigment preparations allows us to provide you with exactly the tailor-made solutions you’re looking for. Our products are noted for their very high light and weathering fastness properties and have an improved environmental profile. Based on your specific requirements, our experts will help you select the right product for water or solvent-based coating systems, and advise you on the best way to incorporate the product into paint, with its targeted performance profile, the expected color effect, and compliance with environmental regulations.

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Pigment grades for architectural coatings

Heubach’s complete range of organic and inorganic are engineered to simplify the important process of paint dispersal in paint manufacturing. These pigments can be easily incorporated into paint systems, offering efficiency as well as savings in raw materials and energy.

Our binder-free water-based pigment preparations have been developed to respond in flexibility to the various needs of the decorative coating’s industry.

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Color for Concrete

The availability of high-performance construction materials is essential to modern architectural design. Whether it’s concrete products, such as colored roof or glazed wall tiles, plaster or ceramic products, demands on the appearance and durability of building materials are continually increasing. Colored products need to maintain their original appearance throughout the lifetime of the building, regardless of weather and climate. Heubach provides color solutions designed to do just that across a vast range of construction material industry applications.

Heubach’s HEUCODUR® pigments offer unrivalled fastness properties that make them ideally suited to demanding construction material applications.

HEUCODUR® complex inorganic color pigment compounds are produced using state-of-the-art high-temperature (above 800° C /1500° F) processing.

Precision control of particle morphology and particle size distribution during this process results in HEUCODUR®’s high strength and hiding power, as well as the enhanced dispersion obtainable with these pigments in various formulated systems.


Inorganic color solutions for the most demanding applications

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Aquis - High quality colorants for a variety of application EU

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Aquis and Aquis Plus - High strength water based pigment dispersions US

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