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For high color strength, transparency, brightness and fastness – our high-quality organic pigments are specially developed for the printing industry

Heubach offers a comprehensive range of high quality organic pigments for inkjet applications.

The range consists of Ink Jet Grade Pigments, selected Toner, Permanent, Novoperm, Hostaperm and PV Fast pigments:

– High chemical purity – Good dispersibility – Good long-term ink stability performance –


Hostajet PT inkjet pigment preparations are aqueous pigment preparations based on polymeric dispersants and inkjet quality pigments. They are especially developed for inkjet applications:

– High color strength – High transparency and brightness – Excellent light fastness – Excellent water fastness –


Duasyn/Duasynjet grades are specially designed dyes for water-based inkjet inks. Good compatibility with acrylic resins and with a wide range of solvents:

– Very narrow particle size distribution – Excellent jetability – No sedimentation – Very low viscosity –

– Low salt content – High purity – High surface tension – High tinctorial strength and brightness –


High-performance organic pigments for fascinating colors EU

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High-performance organic pigments for fascinating colors US

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