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For high color strength, transparency, brightness and fastness – our high-quality organic pigments are specially developed for the printing industry

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high quality organic pigments for inkjet applications

The range consists of the following pigments in inkjet quality: Toner, Permanent, Novoperm, Hostaperm and PV Fast. All have a high chemical purity, good dispersibility and a good long-term ink stability performance.

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Pigment Preparations for inkjet applications

Hostajet PT inkjet pigment preparations are aqueous pigment preparations based on polymeric dispersants and inkjet quality pigments. They have been specially developed for inkjet applications and have a high color strength, high transparency and brightness as well as excellent light and water fastness.

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Dyes for inkjet applications

Duasyn/Duasynjet grades are specially developed colorants for water-based inkjet inks. Due to their very narrow particle size distribution, excellent jetability, no sedimentation, very low viscosity, low salt content, high purity, high surface tension and high inctorial strength and brightness, they have good compatibility with acrylic resins and with a wide range of solvents.

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