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Interior Decorative Paints

From cool and warm colors to naturally driven colors as well as a splash of glittery and eye-catching accent colors, there is a tone to suit all tastes to create a full color scheme for the home.

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Brighten your world with "ZEITGEIST", Heubach's Decorative Color Trends 2023

“Zeitgeist” is one of the few English words borrowed from Germany, the home of Heubach colors. It refers to the “spirit of the time”, its main views and emotions.

The new Heubach 2023 Decorative Color Trends consist of four-color palettes with 21 color trends including The Color of the Year (COTY) 2023 – GOOD JINN, a dark and intense blue hue which is great for drawing the focus of a room to some special feature – a large window or a nice painting or piece of furniture.

Easily dispersable pigments

Heubach’s range of next generation pigments simplifies the paint manufacturing process by avoiding the additional milling step. Eliminating bead milling carries a lot of benefits such as reduced production time (up to -85%) and lower energy costs (up to -90%), which is both profitable (up to -30 % cost savings) and sustainable. Additionally, reduced amounts of additives and less cleaning effort is necessary and less waste water generated.

Dissolver Dispersion

Compared to conventional pigments, the time for bead-milling can be reduced. In many cases, expensive bead-mill operations can be completely replaced by simple dissolver dispersion.


Several of these pigments can be combined in one mill base formulation or co-dispersed with inorganic pigments to achieve a specific shade. This simplified process reduces manufacturing costs, improves productivity, and offers lower cost options.

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Pigment preparations for water based and solvent based coatings

Heubach’s comprehensive portfolio of pigment dispersions offers manufacturers a full array of solutions for all types of interior and exterior architectural coatings, from general purpose to high performance grades.

Our Colanyl 100, Colanyl 500 and Hostatint 500 ranges of aqueous, binder-free pigment preparations are manufactured without alkyl phenol ethoxylated (APEO) additives and are engineered to satisfy the variety of demands of the decorative coatings industry. All ranges of organic and inorganic pigment preparations are versatile enough for use in Point of Sale as well as In-Plant tinting systems.

For low-VOC coatings and paints, Colanyl 500 and universal Hostatint 500 pigment dispersions are ideal solutions to help ensure regulatory compliance


Aquis - High quality colorants for a variety of applications EU

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Aquis and Aquis Plus - High strength water based pigment dispersions US

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Heucotint - High-performance colorants and tinting systems EU

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Heucotint - High-performance environmentally friendly universal colorants US

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