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Flying Colors – From modern paper to luxury leather

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We are surrounded with objects that have been manufactured to charm us, to make them stand out from the competition – and to encourage us to buy them. For the coloration needs of special applications, Heubach offers solutions that have been designed to meet specific needs while adhering to stringent regulations. Our broad range of pigments dispersions and pigments, is suitable for applications like durable colorful paper and fancy handbags. Contact us for more information!

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Colorants for Leather

Leather finishing color solutions consist of dyes, pigments, and pigment preparations that give leather its beautiful color, luster, and unique texture. Furthermore, leather finishing solutions need to offer good or excellent fastness and resistance to moisture, heat, light, and chemicals, to withstand the rigors of everyday use. We offer a wide range of organic and non-organic, high-quality, cost-effective coloring solutions that will enhance the appearance and brilliancy of your leather, for all applications. Our wide range of high-performance products are suitable for both water- and solvent-based leather finishing systems.

Focus Product Ranges

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Pigments for Coloring Paper

Coloring paper places special demands on the pigment or the pigment preparation. Heubach products meet these demands while doing their best to support the essential product features. Resulting in strong vibrant colors with pigments that deliver perfect results.

Despite the onset of the digital age, paper is more important than ever before. Modern paper needs to look good, appeal to consumers but also be reasonably priced. Ideally suited to coloring paper, Heubach’s AQUIS colorants deliver maximum tinting quality for minimum cost.


Aquis - High quality colorants for a variety of applications EU

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Aquis and Aquis Plus - High strength water based pigment dispersions US

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Heucosperse and Microsperse - Water based pigment dispersons for the printing ink industry US

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Heucotint - High-performance colorants and tinting systems EU

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Heucotint - High-performance environmentally friendly universal colorants US

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