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NIR detectable black colorants for plastics

A solution for recyclability of black plastic packaging. Helping our customers and brand owners fulfill their commitments towards the circular economy

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The majority of conventional black plastics is colored with carbon black colorants and detectors with Near-Infrared (NIR) technology are responsible for the sorting of polymers. However, proper sorting is only possible, if the energy received by the plastic can be reflected. Carbon black pigments do not reflect in the NIR sorting devices, thus black polymers cannot be identified and sorted via this method. As a result, black plastic packaging such as pots, tubs and food trays often ends up as residue in landfill.

With the increasing demand from consumers and governments for environmentally friendlier products, Heubach has developed three new black colorants which allow the identification of the polymer by the NIR sorting devices. They can be used for various types of resins such as HDPE, LDPE, PP, PET, PS or PA.

With Heubach’s new black NIR detectable colorants, masterbatch producers and brand owners within the home and personal care as well as the E&E and food industries can continue to design and offer black packaging that can be sorted by NIR technology.

  • Helping NIR devices detect black plastic packaging
  • Colorants with high color strength & dispersion properties
  • First-class solution for circular economy requirements
  • Significantly reducing the carbon footprint


Proper recycling of black plastics

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