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Printed color touches everyone’s daily life but none more so than packaging. The diverse nature of packaging be it printed labels, sleeves, corrugated boxes, folding carton, high-tech laminates, mono-webs or foils requires our customers to provide an equally diverse range of colorant solutions. Our continual innovations are geared to help meet the pressing problems of today and tomorrow be they viscosity or rheology modification to help reduce energy consumption in the dispersion to print value chain; introducing new packaging methods to ensure higher efficiency transportation and aid product handling; product modifications designed to enhance bio-derived content or further reduce unwanted trace side components.

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Pigments for water-based inks

Water-based inks provide an ideal solution for sensitive applications such as those involving food. Aside from the environmental benefits, using water also helps streamline the manufacturing process at the printer’s site. Heubach’s extensive range of HEUCOSPERSE and MICROSPERSE PLUS pigment preparations not only meet these needs but also offer excellent gloss, high tinting strength, broad compatibility and outstanding transparency.

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Pigments for solvent based inks

Despite the growing popularity of water-based inks, solvent based ink systems still offer a number of advantages, especially when printing on flexible, uncoated vinyl substrates or when packaging needs to be waterproof and UV resistant. Offering ink manufacturers huge flexibility, Heubach’s range of organic HEUCO® pigments are suitable for both solvent as well as water-based inks and provide the best possible balance between stability, gloss, viscosity and compatibility.


High-performance organic pigments for fascinating colors EU

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High-performance organic pigments for fascinating colors US

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Heucosperse and Microsperse - Water based pigment dispersons for the printing ink industry US

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