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Organic pigments: Quinacridone



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Quinacridone based on environmentally friendly bio-succinic acids

Clariant is the only pigment manufacturer today producing high-performance quinacridone based on renewable raw materials.

At Clariant we support paint and coating manufacturers on their way to more sustainable paint production. Therefore, we have taken the step to produce environmentally friendly quinacridone pigments based on bio-succinic acid in addition to petrochemical-based pigments. The bio-succinic acid is sourced from natural renewable sugars extracted from carbohydrates, for example, corn, sorghum and any other readily available, high-volume agricultural crop.

Our quinacridone pigments produce brilliant colors, have a high tinting strength, outstanding fastness properties and are on par with petrochemical-based pigments regarding durability. They are used in applications such as automotive, industrial and decorative coatings as well as in plastics and printing applications.

The quinacridone Pigment Red 122 and Pigment Violet 19, fulfill EcoTain® criteria, Clariant’s sustainability excellence label for products that showcase best-in-class performance.

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