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Anodal® ASL

Aluminum Chemical

Anodal® ASL is a liquid nickel acetate preparation for high grade deposit-free hot sealing (>96°C).

Anodal® ASL

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  • Smut-free sealing at >96°C
  • Reduces bleeding of the dyes in the sealing bath
  • Enhances the resistance of the aluminum oxide layer

Technical data

Product Data

Delivery form Green, clear liquid
Density at 20°C 1.11 g/cm³
Dilutability Unlimited in water
Storage stability 5 years in closed original containers when stored at 5-30°C


Hot Nickel sealing.

Anodal® ASL is preferably used for films dyed with organic dyes, but also for:

  • Undyed films
  • Films produced by integral color processes
  • Films colored by electrolytic methods with metal salts
  • Films inorganically colored by chemical methods