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Anodal® EC-2

Aluminum Chemical

Anodal® EC-2 Liquid is a silicate- and chlorate-free liquid sequestrant for the preparation of E-6 long-term etching baths for aluminum and its alloys.

Anodal® EC-2

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  • very good E6 effect
  • good levelling with little erosion
  • very good results even with Zn-containing alloys
  • low application concentration: 25-50 g/l
  • Aluminum content over 150 g/l possible
  • low viscosity
  • titratable
  • very good degradability
  • premixing with caustic soda is possible

Technical data

Product Data

Appearance Clear, slightly yellowish liquid
Density [kg/m3] 1.15 – 1.19 g/l
pH value 10.8 – 11.4
Storage stability 5 years in the original container at 5-30°C


Anodal® EC-2

  • is applied as an addition to caustic soda for satin and matt finishes on aluminum parts by the immersion method before anodizing. With an aluminum content of 100-150 g/l this treatment imparts a uniform, matt, decorative appearance to the aluminum parts. Minor surface imperfections are usually completely or almost completely covered
  • prevents the formation and deposition of aluminate on the walls of the vessels and heating coils