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Anodal® EE

Aluminum Chemical

Anodal® EE is a product for hardcoating anodizing. With the addition of Anodal EE the conventional sulfuric acid electrolyte can be used for hardcoating without the expense of costly refrigeration or a new high-voltage power supply.
By utilizing Anodal EE additive in your electrolyte both, normal and hardcoat anodizing can be accomplished in the same tank.

Anodal® EE

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  • Provides less expensive new hardcoat facilities
  • Increases the capacity of sulfuric acid anodizing facilities as it allows higher temperatures
  • Requires less refrigeration, power and capital cost as compared to low temperature anodizing processes
  • Reduces the dissolution of the oxide film under adverse anodizing conditions
  • Improves the uniformity of film thickness throughout the entire anodizing tank
  • Minimizes the effect of temperature and current density fluctuations during anodization
  • May eliminate the honing normally required to obtain a smooth RMS final surface after hardcoating

Technical data

Product Data

Delivery form Clear yellowish liquid
Density 1.19 – 1.23 g/l
pH value 0.7 – 1.5
Storage stability 5 years in closed original containers at 5-30°C


Anodal EE is an additive recommended for hard anodizing baths for aluminum finishing.