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Anodal® SH2

Aluminum Chemical

Anodal® SH-2 is an additive for smudge-free mid-temperature sealing of anodically produced oxide coatings.

Anodal® SH2

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  • Excellent sealing quality
  • No smudge
  • Lowered energy costs through reduced sealing temperature

Technical data

Product Data

Delivery form Clear, slightly yellowish, acqueous solution
Density 1.045 – 1.075 g/cm³
pH 5.0 – 6.0
Storage stability 3 years in closed original containers at 0-30°C
Dilutability Dilutable with water in any proportion


Anodal® SH-2 is used as sealing additive for clear anodized, integral color anodized or electrolytically dyed aluminum and prevents the formation of sealing smudge.
Anodal® SH-2 can also be used for the smudge-free sealing of coatings which are adsorptively dyed with organic dyes or of combination dyeings such as those produced with Sanodure®, Sanodye® and Sanodal® dyes. In this case two-stage sealing is recommended, i.e. presealing with Anodal® ASL and then sealing with water and an addition of Anodal® SH-2.