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Cartax CXDP Powder

Fluorescent Pigment for Special Marking Applications

Cartax CXDP Powder is a specialty product having a pronounced fluorescent effect, for use in the printing inks industry. In normal daylight conditions, Cartax CXDP Powder is virtually invisible on paper. However, on exposure to UV-A light (optimal effect achieved at approx. 350 nm) the very distinct yellow-green fluorescence of high intensity becomes visible (emission at approx. 540 nm). Cartax CXDP Powder is thus a highly effective special additive for coding and marking purposes.

Cartax CXDP Powder

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  • Minimal self-colour of the product
  • No sublimation and migration
  • Very high effectiveness

Technical data

Product Data

Physical Data

Density [kg/l] 0.6
Melting range [°C] 190-195
Viscosity [Pa.s]
Excitation max. [nm] 368
Emission max. [nm] 537
Color at daylight light beige/grey


Recommended for graphic printing inks in the fields of:

  • Marking
  • Coding
  • Safety (security paper printing)

Application quantities in printing inks: 20-30% in reference to binder solids

Application Limitations:

  • In the alkaline field (pH ≥9) the fluorescent effect of the product can be considerably impaired or even become non-existent.
  • The solvent extractability of the product from the prints should be checked in each individual case.
  • The fluorescent effect of the product can be reduced or even become non-existent at temperatures around 200°C.