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Colanyl Oxide Red B 531

Pigment Red 101

Colanyl Oxide Red B 531 is an aqueous binder-free pigment preparation manufactured without using alkyl phenol ethoxylated (APEO) additives. This aqueous pigment preparation is compatible with water-based low VOC and VOC-free decorative coatings.* * As defined in EU directive 2004/42/EC, annex II, phase II. VOC standards and regulations vary by location. Product specific VOC information is available to customers upon request. It is the responsibility of the coatings manufacturer to determine standard compliance and appropriate claim for their products.

Colanyl Oxide Red B 531

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  • Binder-free aqueous pigment preparation for water-based decorative paints
  • Manufactured without using alkyl phenol ethoxylated (APEO) additives
  • Suitable for manual and automatic dispensing equipment
  • Narrow tolerances of shade and color strength for exact color reproduction
  • Miscible in all proportions with each other pigment preparation of the Colanyl 500 range

Technical data


Product Data


Grav. tinct. Strength [%] 98-102
Vol. tinct. Strength [%] 97-103
Density [g/cm3] 2.28-2.42
Shade dH (*) +/- 0.4
Purity dC (*) +/- 0.6
Viscosity [Pa*s] 2.0-3.5

Main Fields of Application

  • Low and no VOC Decorative Paints
  • Low and no VOC Wood Coatings
  • Waterborne Emulsion Paints
  • Aqueous polymer dispersions

Further possible Fields of Application

  • Façade Paints & Plasters
  • Water-based Floor Coatings
  • Latex coloration
  • Water resistant Inks
  • and many more …

Physical Data

Density [g/cm3] 2.35
pH Value ca. 7.3


Pigment Content [%] 70(**)
Total Solid [%] 83
Glycols [%] (Polyglycol included)
Water [%] 17

Fastness Data

to Light

to Weathering

Daylight (DIN EN ISO 105-B01)
[Scale 1-8]

12 month middle Europe (DIN EN ISO 105-A02)
[Scale 1-5]

Deep Shade 8 5
1/25 SD 8 5

(*) after adjustment of tinctorial strength
(**) The data presented is meant to provide a general indication and does not represent quality relevant average values. The quality of our preparations is defined by the specifications of the coloristical and rheological values.