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Colanyl White R 130

Pigment White 6

Colanyl White R 130 is a aqueous, binder-free pigment preparation and manufactured without using alkyl phenol ethoxylated (APEO) additives. This pigment preparation is compatible with water-based decorative coatings.

Colanyl White R 130

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  • Binder-free aqueous pigment preparation for water-based decorative paints
  • Manufactured without using alkyl phenol ethoxylated (APEO) additives
  • Suitable for manual and automatic dispensing equipment
  • Miscible in all proportions with each other pigment preparation of the Colanyl 100 range

Technical data

Product Data


Grav. tinct. Strength [%] 97-103
Vol. tinct. Strength [%] 95-105
Density [g/cm3] 2.10-2.25
Shade dH (*) +/- 0.5
Purity dC (*) +/- 0.8
Viscosity [Pa*s] 1.5-2.0

Main Fields of Application

Emulsion paints

Physical Data

Density [g/cm3] 2.18
pH Value ca. 7.4


Pigment Content [%] ca. 70(**)
Total Solid [%] ca. 77
Glycols [%] ca. 19
Water [%] ca. 4

Fastness Data

to Light

to Weathering

Daylight (DIN EN ISO 105-B01)
[Scale 1-8]

12 month middle Europe (DIN EN ISO 105-A02)
[Scale 1-5]

Deep Shade 8 5
1/25 SD 8 5

(*) after adjustment of tinctorial strength
(**) Data may vary, since Colanyl pigment preparations are standardized in tinting strength.