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Cosmenyl Yellow 100

Pigment Yellow 1

Cosmenyl Yellow 100 is a pigment preparation recommended for the coloration of personal care and fabric & home care products.

Cosmenyl Yellow 100

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  • Readily pumpable and flowable aqueous dispersions
  • Included in at least one of the authorized use lists for cosmetic colorants for the EU, USA or Japan
  • Selected for coloration of toiletries and cosmetics or home and fabric care products in liquid, paste or powder form
  • Microbiological purity specified

Technical data


Cosmenyl Yellow 100 complies with the requirements for cosmetic colorants defined by the European Union Regulation No. 1223/2009. This directive is valid for all countries of the European Union, and it is used as guideline by many other countries.

Product Data

^Physical Data

Density [g/cm³]

approx. 1.2

Viscosity [Pa*s]

< 1.3

Average Particle Size [nm]

pH Value

 7 – 8.5

Total Solid approx. [%]

Content approx. Pigment [%]


Water [%]


Glycerine [%]


Fastness Data

Light Fastness DIN 54004
Soap (0.02%)


Emulsion Paint FS


Deep Shade

1/3 SD

Alkaline Fastness DIN 16524 sheet 2/ 54001



Cosmenyl pigment preparations are recommended for the coloration of personal care products, cosmetics, detergents and cleaners. Cosmenyl Yellow G 30 is especially recommended for the coloration of soap.


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