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Hostajet Red D3G-PT VP 5121

Pigment Red 254

Hostajet PT grades are aqueous pigment dispersion based on polymeric dispersants and inkjet quality pigments. Hostajet Red D3G-PT VP 5152 is suitable for waterbased inkjet systems.

Hostajet Red D3G-PT VP 5121

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  • Aqueous pigment dispersion
  • Suitable for water-based inkjet systems
  • High optical density
  • High performance mid shade red
  • High light fastness
  • Excellent water fastness
  • Excellent jettability, sedimentation and viscosity properties
  • Good compatibility with acrylic resins and a wide range of organic solvents/humectants
  • Narrow particle size distribution

Technical data

Product Data

Physical Data

Pigment Content [%] appr. 20
Viscosity [mPas] < 100
pH 8.0-10.0
Surface Tension [mN/m] > 40

Fastness Data

Light Fastness 6-7

Color Data

Hue Angle [°] 17.2

Further technical information can be obtained upon request.


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■ highly recommended
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○ limited suitability
– not recommended