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Hostaprint Violet RL 34

Pigment Violet 23

Hostaprint Violet RL 34 is a very strong and brilliant violet pigment preparation. In combination with phthalocyanine pigments it is possible to match navy shades economically.

Hostaprint Violet RL 34

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  • Excellent dispersion    
  • Free flowing
  • Highest fastness properties

Technical data

Product Data

Physical and Chemical Properties

Polymer carrier vinyl chloride / vinyl acetate copolymer
Pigment content ca. 50%
Density [g/cm³] 1.37
Alkali resistance 5
Acid resistance 5

Additional Technical Properties

SD 1/3 [g/kg] 5.0
Light fastness (Reduction) 7-8
Light fastness (Full shade) 7-8
Fastness to bleeding 4
Limiting concentration (PVC-P) 0.02%
Limiting concentration (PVC-R) 0.01%


Rigid PVC Plasticized PVC
Films/Profiles Films/Profiles
Tubes/Pipes Tubes/Hoses
Cable Sheathing