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Hostatint UV Oxide Red B 100

Pigment Red 101

Hostatint UV Oxide Red B 100 is designed for radiation curable systems that undergo radical polymerization after exposure to UV-light or electron beam radiation. Main application field is lacquers for wooden furniture and parquet flooring.
Hostatint UV 100 is a range of pigment preparations for 100 % UV coating systems. The back bone of the formulation is modified unsaturated acrylate that shows wide compatibility with UV-curable paints. The preparations contain a polymeric acrylate thinner and TMPEOTA (Ethoxylated trimethylolpropane triacrylate) to guarantee optimal rheological behavior and curing. The preparations do not contain any photoinitiator and are hence directly usable in electron beam curing.

Hostatint UV Oxide Red B 100

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  • High pigment loading and good rheological profile
  • Low amount of dispersing agents
  • Wide range of compatibility (polyether-, epoxy-, polyurethane- and polyester-acrylate)
  • Usable in formulations fulfilling strict surface requirements, e. g. of furniture coatings
  • Shelf life of 24 months
  • Narrow tolerances of shade and color strength for exact color reproduction

Technical data

Product Data


Grav. tinct. Strength [%] 95-105
Shade dH (*) +/- 0.5
Purity dC (*) +/- 0.8
Viscosity [Pa*s] 0.5-1.5

Physical Data

Pigment Content [%] 62
Resin Content [%] 15
Viscosity [Pa*s] 0.7
Density [g/cm3] 2.06
Ratio tri-/ bi-functional* 1:1.3

*Calculation derived from product composition