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Ink Jet Magenta E5B 02

Ink Jet Magenta E5B 02

Pigment Violet 19

Ink Jet Magenta E5B 02 is a specially designed pigment for use in inkjet inks. Narrow particle size distribution and high purity offer very good stability in inkjet inks.


  • Good jettability
  • Flocculation stability of inks
  • Narrow particle size distribution
  • High purity
  • Low viscosity

Product Data

Physical Data

Density [g/cm³] 1.5
Typical Particle Size Distribution [nm] 70
Conductivity [mS/cm] < 0.20
Sieve Residue [%] < 0.10
Specific Surface Area [m²/g] 97

Fastness Data

Light Fastness 7-8

Color Data

Hue Angle [°] 357.2

Further technical information can be obtained upon request.


Inkjet Ink



■ highly recommended
● recommended
○ limited suitability
– not recommended

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