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Ink Jet Yellow 4GC

Ink Jet Yellow 4GC

Pigment Yellow 155

Ink Jet Yellow 4GC is specially designed inkjet grade pigment with very good overall fastness properties. Recommended for for use in UV-, solvent- and waterbased inks.


  • Good jettability
  • Flocculation stability of inks
  • Low viscosity
  • Very good fastness properties

Product Data

Physical Data

Density [g/cm³] 1.5
Typical Particle Size Distribution [nm] 90
Conductivity [mS/cm] < 0.20
Sieve Residue [%] < 1.00
Specific Surface Area [m²/g] 61

Fastness Data

Light Fastness 6-7

Color Data

Hue Angle [°] 94.8

Further technical information can be obtained upon request.


Inkjet Ink



■ highly recommended
● recommended
○ limited suitability
– not recommended

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