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Licosperse Brown IN 30

Licosperse Brown IN 30


Licosperse Brown IN 30 is a pigment preparation, easily incorporated in oil, mineral low aromatic solvents or heated wax. It is recommended for the sustainable coloration of oil- or wax-based products like shoe care and floor polishes, as well as for the coloration of interior, oil- and solvent based, wood stains and coatings applications, exhibiting excellent compatibility.


  • Mineral oil based, resin-free pigment preparation
  • Free of lead chromates and other heavy metals
  • Non-toxic, non-flammable, non-dusting and sustainable colorant
  • High tinting strength
  • Easy to incorporate in oil, solvent or wax media
  • Can be dosed without need for pre-dilution, even directly into molten wax-based formulations
  • Reducing complexity and saving costs in the production process


Please refer to the Material Safety Data Sheet to have the complete and very latest safety information.

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