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Sanodure® Fast Bronze L

Aluminum Dye

Sanodure® Fast Bronze L is a homogeneous, water soluble dyestuff for the adsorptive dyeing of anodized aluminum. Only recommended for interior use.         
Sanodure® Fast Bronze L produces shades of pink, gold, bronze and orange with excellent light fastness, even on thin anodic coatings.  Combinations with Sanodure® Fast Bronze L enable duplication of the entire range of gold colors from brassy to copper-like tones.                    

Sanodure® Fast Bronze L

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  • Suitable for indoor applications
  • Good fade resistant properties

Technical data

Product Data

Delivery Form Granules
Solubility in water (20°C/69°F) 100 [g/l]
Recommended dye bath pH 5-6
Recommended dye bath buffer Sodium Acetate
Light fastness 7-8
Single dye
Dye blend


  • Indoor
  • jewelry
  • electronics