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Viscofil Green GVDN 20

Pigment Mixture

Viscofil Green GVDN 20 is a pigment preparation of approx. 25% pigment and contains nonionic dispersing and wetting agents and propylene glycol. This fine dispersed pigment dispersion is suitable for the dope dyeing of viscose and latex.

Viscofil Green GVDN 20

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  • Finely dispersed

Technical data


For regulatory details such as the classification and labelling as dangerous substances or goods please refer to our corresponding Material Safety Data Sheet.

Product Data

Physical Data

Density [g/cm³] 1.1
Viscosity [Pa·s] < 2
Specific surface [m²/g]
Average particle size [nm]
Pigment content [%] approx. 25
Water content [%] approx. 57


Fastness Data

1% in viscose fiber 5% in viscose fiber
Light fastness 4 8
Alkali fastness 5
Acid fastness 5


Viscofil Green GVDN 20 is suitable for:

  • Latex
  • Viscose