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Sustainability is deeply anchored in the history of the Heubach Group. The Heubach Group combines two companies with a long tradition in the pigment industry: The pigment business which belonged until beginning of 2022 to Clariant, and the family-owned business Heubach. Responsible management and Sustainability have always been key to the two former companies whose history dates back over 200 years. We are very proud to look back on a long company tradition This is why we say Sustainability is in our DNA. For the future we aim to be the industry leading solution provider in the pigment market – setting new benchmarks when it comes to environment, carbon neutrality and security.

At Heubach we thrive for the highest standards in Quality, Sustainability and Integrity.

What are the environmental impacts of our products?

That question becomes more and more important for companies, consumers und the society as a whole.
Heubach has now taken the first step towards providing reliable and traceable data:

We have developed a model to calculate Product Carbon Footprint for organic pigments. Heubach now offers Product carbon footprint for a group of 13 Azo pigments certified by TÜV Rheinland. Our Product Carbon Footprints are calculated according to Green House Gas Protocol (GHG), ISO Norm (ISO 14067), Together for Sustainability (TfS) PCF Guideline

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Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

The 17 Sustainable Development Goals were adopted by all UN Member States in 2015, as part of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development which set out a 15-year plan to achieve the Goals. The SDGs are an universal call to action to governments, companies and societies to find solutions to global challenges such as poverty, hunger, healthcare, gender equality, climate change and many more.

We recognize the SDGs as a global framework with extraordinary significance for sustainability and are guided by them when designing our sustainability strategy. We contribute to achieving the goals with various measures, such as the sustainable design of our sourcing and production processes, the creation of working conditions and social commitment.

Based on our core competencies, we contribute in particular to the following goals

  • Health and safety of our employees and business partners is a priority at Heubach. Through a variety of different measures, such as internal awareness programs, certifications, regular training we ensure meeting our high standards of quality and safety.

  • We offer our employees outstanding working conditions at all our sites. Health and safety are priorities worldwide. In addition to that we are (also) committed to high standards with regard to working and rest times, pay, work-life balance, inclusion and non-discrimination.
  • Our Code of Conduct provides the corresponding guidance.
  • Responsible sourcing is key to us to ensure compliance with human and labor rights along the value chain.

  • From research and development to raw material purchasing to production, storage, transport, and further processing to sales and disposal: At Heubach, product responsibility consists of handling chemical substances and products safely and without hazards along the entire product life cycle.
  • We are a pioneer in the development of sustainable color technologies, including bio-based materials and the substitution of questionable materials to improve environmental characteristics and spearhead regulatory compliance.

  • The production of pigments and pigment preparations is particularly energy intensive. In view of climate change, we see it as our responsibility to reduce our emissions as much as possible. The increase of energy efficiency and the switch to renewable energies is therefore one of our top priorities. Many of our products contribute to reduce the footprint further down the value chain.
  • We strive for high transparency of our carbon footprint supporting our customers in their environmental decisions with our Product Carbon Footprints.

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From research and development to production and disposal, we focus on product responsibility. In addition to integrating sustainability aspects more closely in our product development, this also means actions such as drawing up a do-not-use list for our most important product lines.

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Environmental Protection

Economically sensible actions must always be ecologically sensible as well.  We are working to improve the energy efficiency of our production and to significantly reduce pollutant emissions and waste volumes. Through the measures we put in place, we want to assume responsibility for protecting the environment. After all, cross-generational thinking is part of our corporate history.

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Employees & Society

Trust, respect, diversity and fair cooperation in the workplace are vital. By adopting a responsible approach to working conditions, we want to ensure a corporate culture that is characterized by dialog.  After all, it is primarily our employees who contribute to Heubach’s economic success with their expertise and commitment.

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