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Sustainability in India

As a manufacturer of chemical raw materials, Heubach India strives to continuously minimize the risk of environmental pollution and thus ensure a careful and responsible approach to the environment.

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50,000 saplings and trees

Heubach India is proud to host a large number of species of trees, plants, birds and insects as a result of our biodiversity initiative. This has come about from a plantation program stretching across 20 years, which has resulted in planting more than 50.000.

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Recycle Reuse Reduce

Heubach India has a DSIR Recognized Research & Development Center, where 3R – Recycle, Reuse & Reduce is the objective. We take pride in developing greenery efficient product development with minimum waste generation plants and trees in and around our manufacturing units.

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Waste Management

As part of the Integrated Waste Management, Heubach India has developed a unique process to manufacture Aluminium Hydrotalcite using an Eco-Green synthesis, which is widely used for multiple applications.

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Renewable Energy

Heubach India recognises that water is the most precious commodity and over the years extensive R&D has been dedicated to water recycling. Over one third of our original water consumption is recycled back for use in our plants. Development work is ongoing to further recycle treated waste water.

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85% Reduced Solid Waste

Heubach India is the first pigment manufacturing company to introduce IWMSystem (Integrated Waste Management) where waste streams from the green and blue plants are used in a third global size plant to manufacture Aluminium Hydroxide. This reduces solid waste by 85% and is a perfect example of Responsible Care practice in manufacturing. We are the only manufacturer of Phthalocyanine Pigments in the world having Integrated Waste Management System.

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Sewage Treatment

Further to our water initiative we have recently installed a sewage treatment plant based on MBBR technology and recycle our treated sewage water on a daily basis is used in our utilities and for gardening.